Not again, Suarez!

LIVERPOOL’S failure to beat Aston Villa at Anfield has given Everton the chance to leapfrog them into fourth place at West Brom tomorrow. Dare I say it, but for another dubious penalty box incident involving Luis Suarez, Everton’s prospects would be even brighter. Liverpool salvaged a point when Steven Gerrard drove home a penalty, awarded after Suarez went down under Villa keeper Guzan’s innocuous challenge. I don’t think I’ve ever known BBC’s Match of the Day conduct a viewers’ Did he Dive? poll. The result was 60 per cent ‘yes.’ Even Stan Collymore, a former Liverpool striker, accused Suarez of being a cheat on Talksport, though Alan Shearer, in the TV studio, disagreed. I don’t know how often I’m going to have to say this, but for a man blessed with such sublime balance, I’m surprised that Suarez appears to be vulnerable to a proverbial puff of wind.

The fact is, Liverpool’s dropping of two home points gives Everton a great opportunity to reclaim the coveted fourth place. I don’t think Ross Barkley will be fit, but the Blues have plenty of quality midfielders. The question remains, will manager Roberto Martinez strengthen his striking department in this transfer window? I hope so, for if Romanu Lukaku – who tomorrow faces the team for whom he top scored last season – gets injured,  it will be a big problem. Everton have banked £35 million from the sales of Marouane Fellaini and Nikita Jelavic so they do have cash available.


One thought on “Not again, Suarez!

  1. The Match of the Day poll was a disgrace, there is not a forward in the land who would not have gone to ground in such an incident.There was clearly contact no matter how much. Both Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy decided that there was contact therefore a penalty.
    Strange how an Evertonian decides to make such a fuss of an incident, oh yes Liverpool are Everton’s biggest rivals for the desired 4th place. I believe you are jumping on a band wagon determined to besmirch one of the world’s greatest players who happens to play for Uruguay who will be England’s biggest fear in the World Cup.
    It has been a very interesting season and I hope it continues to the end for Reds and Blues alike. Each week there is plenty to talk about without this although should I expect any different?

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