Blue Moon

I KNOW from personal experience, as player and manager, that diehard Manchester City fans will still not be taking their second Premier League title triumph for granted, even though they require just one point, at home to West Ham, on Sunday to make it a reality. Too often down the decades, City fans have experienced a twist in the tail – when things seemed to be going so well, or so badly!

However, it will take the severest case of Cityitis – a phrase I coined when I was team boss there – for this so-talented team to slip up now. The awesome Yaya Toure has hit top form at just the right time – what an incredible goal he added to his impressive repertoire last night, charging away from Villa’s defenders as if they were wearing flip-flops – and, if he and his team-mates are in similar mood on Sunday, I cannot see West Ham spoiling the party. City haven’t been on top of the table too often this season, but they are now – and I think that’s where they’ll be come tea-time Sunday.

Certainly, Everton fans hope that will be the case, for the thought of a Liverpool success is doing their heads in. ¬†At the Everton players’ awards dinner last night, when news of City’s 4-0 win came through, a spontaneous chorus of the City anthem Blue Moon broke out!


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